chapter  19
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Cultural Enrichment and Personality

This chapter introduces a long-term theory of international trade that is conducive to viable and thriving trade as well as to Sustainable Development. It argues for a long-term integral approach to international trade Culture-enhancing and Culture-integrated theory of international trade. Under the on-going process of Market-driven globalization, governments look for growing economy and power, firms for growing sales and profits, consumers for growing abundance and convenience, and economists for growing competition and efficiency. Typical economists these days usually resort to the marginal, partial and short-run approaches on the convenient assumption of other things being constant to the more practical exercises of policy formulations. The Culture-enhancing and Culture-integrated approach to international trade can promote the sound and continuous enrichment of diverse Cultures and lifestyles through the long-term stable process of mutually maturing interactions and multimedia communication. Moreover, the Culture-enhancing and Culture-integrated theory of international trade warns against the unwise choice of adhering to the inhuman dogmas of market fundamentalism.