chapter  22
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2 The Main and Supplementary Wheels for Sustainability

This chapter discusses the important issue Society of Longevity which is compatible with Sustainable Development, Culture of Peace and Global Humanity in people's prospective global community. It focuses on the Balanced Socioeconomic Development, Holistic Culture Enrichment and Comprehensive Human Development in each society. Society of Longevity refers to people's future perspective of a wholesome society embodying a positive and integral socioeconomic policy for the accomplishment of full life, good health and meaningful career. The welfare state offers a remedy for the Market-driven disparity in income distribution. The Society of Longevity requires a comprehensive socioeconomic policy for positive and integrative remodeling of the existing systems relevant to education, welfare and employment. In a sense, the Society of Longevity interacts mutually and perpetually with Sustainable Development. Such an interaction may, most probably, take place in the Maturation Process on one's normative Optimal Development Path (ODP).