chapter  23
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3 Culture-Enhancing Employment

This chapter introduces summarily a theoretical or analogical illumination as part of the present long-term theoretical framework for Sustainable Development. The diagrammatical explanation of integral value development will be related closely to Cultural enrichment, human development and socioeconomic development. The framework of the multilateral value interactions suggests the importance of long-term policies to encourage the growth of Culture-enhancing human-capital investment and the coherent growth of investment in soft-and-hard socioeconomic infrastructure. The chapter also introduces Culture-enriching human development in terms of theoretical diagram that refers to the dynamic interactions of multilateral personal and societal values. Balanced Socioeconomic Development and Holistic Culture Enrichment tend to require a growing long-term future orientation in the personal and societal thought-frames that represent their scopes of thought in time and space. The continuous enrichment of the Culture is the most important precondition for the personal and societal vitality, mutual trust, reliability, integrity, interdependence as well as for the social centripetal force and the societal continuity.