chapter  24
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4 Culture-Enhancing International Trade

The global issues, such as Sustainable Development, Culture of Peace and Global Humanity, respectively, are highly complex ones, since they have grown over the long duration of time, interacting with many other issues, ideologies, policy failure, market failure, Culture failure and human failure, among other things. The term Culture of Peace refers to a worldwide cultural foundation for the pursuit of peace in national and international communities. Peace has always been threatened by the ideology of might-makes-right that caters to the Big Market. Global Humanity means a future-oriented global socioeconomic policy on the basis of worldwide collaborative and preventive endeavors for people's common future, involving all natural and legal persons and all levels of government for a guaranteed accommodation of minimum human needs for subsistence, health and education. The humanities-oriented endeavors and the longevity-favoring human ethos concern the strategy for developing the Culture-enhancing and Culture-integrated international trade.