chapter  25
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5 Culture-Hinged Campaigns for Sustainability

Sustainable Development requires a variety of local-global coordination and collaboration, which is, however, extremely difficult under the on-going economic globalization. Indeed, the required global paradigm shift may amount to an all-out collaboration of human beings for the sound enrichment of the diverse Cultures. Such Cultural enrichment in each society, interacting with both Comprehensive Human Development and Balanced Socioeconomic Development, may induce their perpetual local trilateral virtuous circle. Lopsided value system of the Market-driven expansionism has been deeply inculcated by means of the modern materialism, individualism, progressivism, antagonism, as well as deceptively encouraged by the self-seeking power structure of people's contemporary world. Culture of Peace that indicates both the domestic harmony and the international amity of all societies is an essential prerequisite for both Sustainable Development and Global Humanity. Sustainable Development that requires the conscious and collaborative human endeavors for the respective socioeconomic development harmonious with the global environment is an essential prerequisite for both Culture of Peace and Global Humanity.