chapter  27
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27A Society of Longevity and a Positive Perspective

For the Society of Longevity to fully blossom, however, untiring personal and societal endeavors for “positive and integral” reforms may be required in the prevailing systems of social values, education, medicine and employment, to mention only the major ones. In creating such a future state of society, the cultured awareness of growing life spans may expand our conscious time horizon and planning scope, encouraging a longer-term perspective and future orientation. This could trigger a “virtuous circle” of Comprehensive Human Development, Holistic Culture Enrichment and Balanced Socioeconomic Development in each and all societies. Such a trilateral virtuous circle may facilitate the necessary reforms for a longer, healthier, more active, more meaningful and comfortable life, as well as a greater scope and experience for finding our potential talents, worthy careers and fitting lifestyles. Then, the Society of Longevity may serve the integral goals of Sustainable Development, Culture of Peace and Global Humanity.