chapter  30
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0 Trilateral Virtuous Circles and Local-Global Linkage

Sustainable Development requires a variety of local-global coordination and collaboration, which is, however, extremely difficult under the on-going economic globalization. The globalization has divided the world, by favoring the rich and strong whilst sacrificing the poor and weak. Given such worldwide politico-economic environment, any advancement toward Sustainable Development may become near impossible, unless humankind, sensing the imminent “human-invited” globe-scale catastrophe, makes an indomitable determination to pursue the paradigm shift. Indeed, the required global paradigm shift may amount to an all-out collaboration of human beings for the sound enrichment of the diverse Cultures (as discussed in Chapters 14, 15 and 16). Such Cultural enrichment in each society, interacting with both Comprehensive Human Development and Balanced Socioeconomic Development, may induce their perpetual “local” trilateral virtuous circle. Such a virtuous circle may, in turn, give rise eventually to a “global” trilateral virtuous circle among Culture of Peace, Global Humanity and Sustainable Development. There exists a close global and local correspondence between Culture of Peace and Cultural soundness, between Global Humanity and human development, and between Sustainable Development and socioeconomic development.