chapter  11
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Designing Behaviour

WithNynke Tromp, Paul Hekkert

The view from atop the Empire State Building makes it hard to imagine human life without buildings, mobility, smartphones and shoe shops. The life of human beings is exponentially intertwined with the utilization of products and services. Directly or indirectly, they play an increasingly important part in human evolution. Products are carriers of values; they may act as expressions of certain beliefs or attitudes, and can even change our behaviour without us being aware of it. As a result, the use of products has implications for groups, organizations, society and our world. It is incumbent upon us to equip designers with the necessary knowledge and tools that recognize the particular role that products play in shaping human life, so that they may consciously take responsibility for shaping the products and services they design, and are better able to contribute to a world in which all of us can live safely, happily and healthily.