chapter  13
12 Pages

Theories and Figures of Technical Mediation

WithSteven Dorrestijn

The concept of technical mediation has become a key concept for denoting how humans are being changed by technology. Building on the work of Latour (1992, 1999) and Ihde (1990), Verbeek (2005) has elaborated what could be termed a philosophy of technical mediation. Technical mediation was however not first, or only, grasped in the work of Ihde, Latour and Verbeek. Other approaches have also resulted in theories of technical mediation, or at least have provided examples of technical mediation. To contribute to the question how research into technical mediation can be made applicable to design, this chapter provides a survey of research concerning technical mediation from fields as diverse as philosophy, media theory, anthropology and behavioural sciences. To be able to make use of the different approaches, a practice oriented, anthropological approach will be applied. The result will be a repertoire of exemplary mediation effects ordered in a model of interaction modes.