chapter  2
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The Patient as Skilled Practitioner

WithKyle Kilbourn

This chapter provides some of the ways in which archaeology might become an important discipline to others scholars interested in a process of design that creatively deals with the reality in which people live. The chapter discusses how architecture as idea, object fixes the relationship between design and use, architecture and occupation, with one always coming after the other; and goes on to suggest that use may not be something that comes after design but instead is always there as a precondition of creativity. There is a problem with the reception of architecture in archaeology. History of ideas between archaeology and architectural history go unheeded, but they are connected. The intertwining of features is a reality of past practice that works against the normal procedures within archaeology. The anthropologist Tim Ingold even describes archaeology as a form of inhabitation. The chapter attempts to show a legacy of thinking about design in architectural history and its effects in archaeology.