chapter  3
The Formation and Development of Musical Identities with a Hearing Impairment
Pages 18

This chapter examines the strategies employed in popular music education to address the absence of canonical authority of the kind found in classical music. It provides the relationships between canon, institutionalization and pedagogy may help popular music educators gain a clearer understanding of the values by which they teach, and addresses the post-canonical impasse with greater confidence. The chapter reviews the literature relating to popular music in higher education and draws from a series of semi-structured interviews, conducted between 2010 and 2012, with four senior programme staff from four degree programmes in the United Kingdom. It focuses on some of the challenges associated with offering popular musicians a higher education. The chapter explores the caveat that just as pedagogical approaches vary in popular music education so do the contexts, resources and aims of programmes. It illustrates the uniquely complex nature of canon formation in popular music education and the implications this carries for pedagogy.