chapter  4
Undergraduate Music Students’ Experiences in Community Settings: Developing the Musician within a University Module
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This chapter provides some first insights into whether music is used as a learning support resource in mainstream primary education, how it is used and the factors that affect such use. An online survey was created with a view to identifying whether or not music was used as a specific learning support resource (SLSR); that is, musical learning used in support of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) or as a musical intervention as part of a learning support programme. The SLSR group used music as SLSR for a number of targeted purposes in specialist learning support and normal classroom settings. Although respondents' training informed their use of music in this context, important encouraging factors reported by the SLSR group were on a more human level. Nevertheless, the SLSR group noted the children's enjoyment of music, and that music was an area of learning in which they often excelled.