chapter  6
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The Sanctity of the Written Word: Testamentary Causes Challenging the Authenticity and Due Execution of Written


Evidence of disinheritance of kin due to family discord emerges from both sides in probate disputes. One approach to categorizing the family discord that emerges from the Canterbury records is by reference to its participants. Proponents of wills generally blamed parental disinheritance of children upon disobedience and distrust. The distrust between parent and child that led to a contested will was frequently bitter and longstanding, but the abuse that ensued, at least so the evidence reveals was verbal, rather than physical. Quarrels between siblings can also be observed in the causes that comprise the Canterbury collection. Many of the same themes observed in filial relationships, such as distrust and disobedience, likewise soured the sibling bond. William Hart, however, confirmed both the couple's marital discord and Collins's claim that Lady Elizabeth had interfered with her husband's legal affairs. Elizabeth Raven, not surprisingly, had a different view of both her marriage and the property affairs of her husband.