chapter  3.3
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Integrated CSR communication

Toward a model encompassing media agenda building with stakeholder dialogic engagement
ByAugustine Pang, Angela Mak, Wonsun Shin

With corporate social responsibility (CSR) increasingly gaining prominence as a key component of corporate governance (Lau, Lu, & Liang, 2016; Shaukat, Qiu, & Trojanowski 2016), and CSR needs to be communicated effectively. One way is through the mainstream media. However, there are potential pitfalls relying on the media as the sole agent and engine of CSR communication. Another stream of research suggests that digital media (online, mobile, and social) have become critical platforms not just for organizations to disseminate information but also for interaction with stakeholders through feedback or dialogic loops. This chapter argues that organizations can integrate media agenda building with stakeholder engagement using both mainstream media and digital platforms to communicate their CSR activities. A CSR integrated media model is proposed.