chapter  7
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Monitoring Disability

The Question of the ‘Human’ in Human Rights Projects
ByTanya Titchkosky

This chapter examines the divisions and distinctions human rights discourse makes between person, disability and impairment as a way to explore the associations that still happen today between people and the category 'human'. The social model of disability envisions a separation between impairment and disability as a way to address injustice. Disability is produced by disabling environments; disability is not the result of impairment but is rather understood as the result of inappropriate societal responses to embodied difference. The Government of Canada's efforts at integrating services for people with disabilities have, for a number of years, been guided by the understanding that disability is not defined merely as being the direct result of a health problem or any physical or mental limitation. In the World Report on Disability, it is estimated that one billion people 'live with some form of disability, or about 15" of the world's population'.