chapter  6
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Expatriate Archives Revisited

ByTimothy Lovering

In April 2008, a workshop was held at Bristol to explore the concept of 'expatriate archives'. This chapter explores the concepts of migrated and expatriate archives by placing the case of the Rhodesian Army Archive in its wider context. Some of the non-archival Rhodesian Army artefacts held at the BECM had been shipped there from Johannesburg in 1998. It was also clear that the tranche of records was transferred to the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum (BECM), direct from South Africa during the first year of the project. The repatriation of these categories of migrated records has been a key focus of attention for African archivists and scholars from the 1960s onwards. Writing on 'migrated archives' with a conscious focus on Africa, Nathan Mnjama identifies six categories of post-colonial 'archival claims'. The first four reflect the major types of archives identified by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), while sixth and final category records liberation movements.