chapter  8
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Diversity Management in Denmark: Evolutions from 2002 to 2009

ByEva Boxenbaum, Monica Gjuvsland, Clarissa Eva Leon

In recent times, hype has been building around diversity management (DM) as the next management trend in fashion. Its far-reaching benefits promise solutions to a broad number of problems in society. As the concept spreads across the globe, it takes on slightly different meaning wherever it is implemented. It is increasingly apparent that the practice of DM differs somewhat depending on whether it is implemented in a German, Danish, French, or American context, although its overall purpose remains the same. Some DM experts deplore such local mutations of DM. They offer expert, generic advice to help implement it correctly, expecting that proper implementation will enable organizations to reap the inherent benefits of this best practice. Some of them are stunned at how difficult it is for managers in some countries to ‘do it right’, how deliberately they seem to misinterpret the practice and how resilient such local misinterpretations can be.