chapter  5
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Central Asian and Northern European Shamanism

ByJuha Pentikäinen

The chicane has implications for the study of hermeneutics extending beyond traditional culture and beyond the limits of divination. This becomes apparent when it is related to wider categories of symbolic interpretation and to 'double-thinking', a mode of shifting yet discriminating definitions and fluid associations. This mode underlies the possibility of the chicane; it appears in all human dealings beyond the simply literal, and it is difficult to envisage an analysis of, for instance, play, theatre, religion or psychotherapy that did not include double-thinking or an equivalent capacity. It is a stock in trade of politics. However, it is in the area of what we may broadly term the mystical, the magical and the paranormal, the realms of faerie, enchantment and the sacred, that double-thinking is fully revealed as foundational. Double-thinking and the chicane have parallels in related areas of interest, notably in the studies of alchemy, divination and synchronicity of C. G. Jung.