chapter  6
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The Carbon Footprint of Oracles: How Green is Divination?

ByStuart R. Harrop

This chapter sketches certain moments of supersession often claimed in the name of Judaism, Christianity or rationalism after Darwin. It criticizes discourses of fortune in order to demonstrate how divination has been invalidated, and yet remains valid. The chapter invites its reader to embrace contradictory positions, unlike Jonah, but like Darwin. It examines the function of metaphysics of randomness often associated with Darwin, further uses the biblical Book of Jonah to illustrate relevant dynamics. The chapter treats divination as a persistent, common ground. This political tactic counters the propensity of monotheism, or of science, to regard itself as the ground, and divination as an unruly figure. Monotheists at first hardly panicked over Darwin's open embrace of chance, because they purported to have won their duel against fortune decisively, long ago.