chapter  12
Drivers’ Perceptions of Risk linked to Mobile Phone Use while Driving and Implications for the Design of Driver Awareness Campaigns
ByCorinne Brusque
Pages 14

While the crash risk linked to phoning while driving has been clearly identified by researchers, there is a gap in knowledge of drivers’ awareness of the risk and its effects on the choice to limit mobile phone use at the wheel. The aim of this chapter is to address this issue, through a literature review-based study. The risk related to mobile phone use while driving appears to be a risk that drivers freely choose to take because it is advantageous for them and they think they can control the situation. In spite of the majority of drivers being aware of the risk of crashes and infringements, it seems that their knowledge is not sufficient to counterbalance the advantages provided by mobile phone use and the social pressure to use it while driving. Based on this corpus of knowledge, recommendations are given for the design of driver awareness campaigns aimed at reducing crash risk deriving from mobile phone use.