chapter  12
12 Pages

Supply Chain Integration Layer

ByNigel Jones

This chapter explains the analysis and categorization of customers by their dominant buying behaviour enables organizations to focus resources and efforts effectively, thus ensuring that value within the supply chain is maximized where it is practical and possible to do so. It focuses on work undertaken by the New Zealand-based Fonterra Cooperative Group, the world's largest dairy exporter, and the lessons learned from our continuing experimentation on the ground. The chapter describes the study that picks up after the initial analysis and segmentation of customers, as prescribed by dynamic alignment principles, has been undertaken. It suggests that one of the key benefits of undertaking shared initiatives across an extended supply chain was to unlock value, which often exceeds that possible from working in isolation. This chapter describes the key purpose of the face-to-face workshop is to create a visualization of the supply chain that will guide and focus work during subsequent phases.