chapter  24
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Tax-aligned Supply Chains

ByBrett Campbell, Alyson Rodi

Sustainability of enterprise supply chains in the face of increased probability of disruptions is going to be a major consideration in the next two decades, and risk-management regimes will be essential to mitigate potential losses and system failures. The inevitable rise in oil prices is going to drive new disciplines in enterprise supply chains. Overall, the outstanding challenge is more of a mental rather than a physical one. In the next generation we need leaders to emerge, who understand that ultimately supply chains connecting buyers and sellers the world over are in effect 'human systems'. We need a new business model for the business as a whole and for the supply chains of which they are part. New growth opportunities will emerge as the concept of globalization comes under pressure, and customers and consumers alike once again warm to products and services that are designed and made in the region or closer to home, in the immediate locality.