chapter  3
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Russian Economic Thought in the Age of the Enlightenment

ByLeonid Shirokorad

The reforms of Peter I and Ekaterina II gave a powerful impulse to the development of economic research in Russia. Ivan T. Pososhkov was one of the first to pay attention to the still emerging but already extremely serious problem of the bureaucracy. In his view, it was necessary to draft a new legal code and to reform the entire court system of Russia. One of the most eminent state servants of the first half of the eighteenth century in Russia was Vasiliy Nikitich Tatishchev. He was a typical representative of the Russian intelligentsia during the epoch of Peter the Great. Tatishchev also centred his attention on many vital problems of fiscal policy. The greatest Russian scientist in the eighteenth century was arguably Michael V. Lomonosov. He devoted the letter to one of the sharpest political problems of the time, which was the centre of attention of both European and Russian statesmen.