chapter  8
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Russian Émigré Economists in the USA

ByVincent Barnett

This chapter suggests that a significant number of Russian migr economists who travelled to America to make their homes took with them an intellectual and thematic baggage. It examines the exodus of Russian economists overseas after 1917 with a number of specific concerns in mind. The chapter explains some aspects of the overlapping work and experiences of a few of these economists as they tried to escape from Soviet Russia and make a new life for themselves in Europe and/or the USA. The USA has prided itself in the fact that it was a country built upon a number of waves of immigration. The conflict between the American Institutionalist economists and their neoclassical opponents has received much more attention from scholars, leading to the development of the idea of interwar pluralism. The role of migr economists in developing both interwar and post-World War II concerns in North America has also been explored to some extent.