chapter  9
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Exiled Russian Economists and the USSR: Brutzkus and Prokopovich

ByShuichi Kojima

This chapter focuses on two exiled economists, B. D. Brutzkus and S. N. Prokopovich, as they were the most representative specialists on the Soviet economy as mentioned previously. In 1917-56, over 70 Russian economic journals were published outside the Soviet Union. There was a great variety among exiled Russian economists. Among Russian economists of the same generation, there were not a few scholars for whom in their formative years Karl Marx was a great influence, such as Mikhail I. Tugan-Baranovsky and Sergei N. Bulgakov. Just before the collapse of the Soviet Union Brutzkus, See Hayek who had stressed important functions of the market, was rehabilitated in Russia, and had a great impact on Russian economists. Brutzkus offered a strong theoretical criticism of socialist economy, analyzing the situation of the USSR as a concrete verification of his criticism. Prokopovich saw post-revolutionary Russia in terms of the interrelationship between Soviet power and the Russian national economy.