chapter  1
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China: Entrepreneurship and Poverty Alleviation: A Chinese Case Study

A new brand, Illuminati II, was created to produce the finest sub-Saharan textiles from organically grown Ugandan cotton. The cotton would be weaved and further processed in Europe for Noir exclusively. Peter always loved a good story, and to some extent he found inspiration in a sixteenth-century Catholic Church practice called the 'letters of indulgence'. Peter originally approached a number of sub-Saharan governmental organizations with his idea. The business model for cotton in Uganda was solely price driven: producers were competing primarily on price, even though the cost of growing high-quality cotton was very similar as for the lower-quality product. Peter designed a two-tier strategy for placing Noir products. By 1999, he was the global brand manager for Levi's Vintage Clothing and Red labels and the brand director for the EMEA region. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) had become a way of addressing relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, governments, local communities and the environment in a holistic manner.