chapter  3
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Malaysia: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in Malaysia: Business Solutions for Poverty

This chapter shows how a woman's vision of giving Cypriot women a dynamic place in the Cypriot economy led to the creation and development of a successful, sustainable organization. The Women's Cooperative Bank is a non-profit organization established to provide support to female entrepreneurial activities through easier access to finance. The vision of the organization is to increase the level of women's participation in and contribution to the economy and to eliminate male-female discrimination. It is the organization and of course the founder's belief that when the female population prospers financially then it is able to develop in other fields, like politics or management. Such development would mean social development for women and prosperity for the entire country. The idea for the establishment of this organization came from Artemis Toumazi. Artemis holds a degree in Economics, Marketing and Business Administration and has long-term experience as a general manager at a large car distribution company in Cyprus.