chapter  6
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The Philippines: An Entrepreneur’s Contribution to Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines

This chapter describes the Italian case of a for-profit company that significantly contributes to social innovation and sustainability in the countries where it operates. The company is a fifth-generation family entrepreneurial business venture that has strongly invested in the construction of social capital and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The case study thus provides an interesting example of a family leading a for-profit enterprise with a strong social mission, involving both environmental and community-oriented corporate objectives. The chapter investigates the involvement of the well-known Italcementi Group in the sustainability field and in CSR, exploring in particular its ability to cope with the emerging issue of poverty alleviation. The aim is therefore to provide a case study on the sustainability challenges of a business-oriented corporation inherent in a specific socio-cultural context, such as the Italian one, that is characterized by the dominance of family businesses.