chapter  7
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PART III AFRICA Chapter 7East Africa: Ethnic Supplies: Empowering African Women through Sustainable Entrepreneurship

ByMirka Fragoudakis, Patrick Akrivos, Daphne Halkias

This chapter presents a case study in the context of poverty reduction. The region considered is set within a peri-urban area of Scotland with good transport links and lying close to a number of universities. The economy focuses on agriculture and 95 percent of firms in the area have less than 55 employees. Whilst smaller centres of the population are relatively numerous, the area lacks significant new employment and the substantial decline in the Scottish manufacturing industry has not encouraged economic growth. The role of business families with some level of philanthropic intent is therefore timely and the presentation of this case study considers their role in the development of sustainable economic growth and poverty alleviation. The business case study presents an alternative route to the creation of employment. Whilst simultaneously telling the story of a family whose individual business start-up plans contained from the outset a degree of philanthropic intent and an interest specifically in the knowledge-intensive business sector.