chapter  10
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Uganda: Noir/Illuminati II: Defining Socially Responsible Affordable Luxury Clothing

ByBenoit Leleux

This chapter concerns the policy, industry, and market leaders increasingly making the shift to uncovering and applying solutions for a green economy, emerging technologies offer not only the means for new methods of working materials, but for enhancing the systems already in place. It is an important step towards sustainable development across the board, from agriculture to power plant operations, given the investment and installation costs of introducing new applications for renewable energy sources. One woman's journey as a Yale University graduate and Fulbright Scholar across India saw all the above considerations being consolidated back in Silicon Valley in the form of a clean-tech company, Valence Energy. Valence Energy has since been acquired by cutting-edge, green buildings technology firm Serious Materials. The program has been launched as Serious Energy where Alexis Ringwald is now Director of Business Development. Serious Energy Manager, the system she helped to develop, analyzes, controls, and provides real-time data for a building or group of locations.