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PART I PROLOGUE Prologue: Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: Can Business Really Alleviate Poverty?

ByDaphne Halkias, Paul W. Thurman

Ida Bayiga Horner was born in 1965 in Buloba, Central Uganda, a village 10 miles outside Kampala, the country's capital city. Being a full-time entrepreneur and running Ethnic Supplies, Ida learned many valuable lessons on two important fronts. The first was the challenging job of running a business and the practical issues that no institution could have prepared her to deal with. The second front on which Ida gained much awareness was of a more political and economic nature and how these applied in most African countries, including those she visited. In Ida travels she had the opportunity to see and live first-hand the intolerable living conditions of poverty-stricken people, which comprise the majority of the populations of these countries. Such are the people with whom Ida collaborates and who produce handicrafts that Ethnic Supplies allocates to European markets. Significant and impressive is the work of Malagasy women entrepreneurs who cooperate with Ethnic Supplies, such as Madame Rasolariosoa Henriette.