chapter  3
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The Corporation as Villain and Victim: Reflections on Privilege, Complicity, Awareness, and Accountability

WithMary Clifford

This chapter presents the results of a trend analysis of the Dutch chemical corporations. It explains some background on methodology and data, along with information on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Occupational Health and Safety Agency (OHSA) and Seveso and its databases, and their limitations. The chapter consists of descriptions of the most striking violations among the corporations all severe enforcement actions, involving large numbers of violations and recidivism. Hawkins developed the four categories: Socially responsible, Unfortunate, Careless, Malicious. The OHSA database contains no information on C02 prior to 2006, after which all registered OHSA violations were related to Seveso rules and regulations. The Seveso II Directive stipulates that C05 is obliged to implement a major accident prevention policy, a safety management system and a safety report. OHSA inspectors investigated the complaint, but C05 proved that it had complied with the Working Conditions Act.