chapter  7
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Trade in ‘Dirty Air’: Carbon Crime and the Politics of Pollution

WithReece Walters, Peter Martin

This chapter explains the harm caused by forest crime to the environment and society at large, and the hurdles facing the law enforcement community that must be addressed. On World Environment Day, 5 June 2012, Interpol launched Project Law Enforcement Assistance for Forests (LEAF), an initiative dedicated to combating all aspects of forest crime. Through Project LEAF, Interpol will support its member countries to strengthen forest governance and build an effective enforcement framework to discuss illegal logging and corruption in the forest sector. The transnational nature of illegal logging and related financial crimes raises difficulties for law enforcement and regulators. Appropriate law reform to clarify and harmonize forestry laws should be a priority, and will significantly help law enforcement efforts. Many law enforcement agencies already have anti-corruption units, financial investigation teams and similar specialized crime units. Civil society can play an important role in supporting law enforcement efforts to detect and solve forest crime.