chapter  2
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Climate Change: A State-corporate Crime Perspective

ByRonald Kramer

This chapter explores oil spills as a crime. It describes the F-N curve which gives a graphic depiction of the risks. The chapter shows both the probability of an oil spill happening per year and the extent of the damage in barrels of oil spilt. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports describe the extent of the damage in detail. The database contains information on oil spills and the production of documents registering oil spills roughly for the period of the Clinton administration. Obviously, the location of the oil spill determines the extent of the environmental damage. An F-N curve is a form of a frequency distribution plot. The method for plotting it is similar to a log-probability graph, but presented in a different way. The comparison with historical data suggests that oil spill the size of the Deepwater Horizon one occurs with a frequency of 0.041-0.082.