chapter  14
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Ethics and professionalism in healthcare

A position paper 1
BySarah Berger, Andrei Famenka, Kristin Fragemann, Katharina Fürholzer, Alex McKeown, Stephanie Rüsche, Martina Šendula-Pavelić, Dorina Maria Stănescu, Tetiana Stepurko, Clemens Tangerding, Christopher Yu

This inclusion presents an overview of key conceots covered in the preceeding chapters of this book. Professionalism in healthcare is evolving rapidly. Societal, legal and medico-technical developments necessitate constant development regarding the role of physicians and other professions in healthcare. The contributions in this volume are the result of an interdisciplinary conference for young scholars and integrate current perspectives from a range of European countries. The conference served as a forum to discuss the current status and future perspectives for healthcare professionalism in Europe. Key ideas that emerged during the conference were collected for a joint document which systematises the main insights as formulated by the participants. The paper summarises the contributors' views on the status quo and future perspectives for healthcare professionalism. Through this, the document can serve as a starting point which highlights topics that need further attention in the debates around professionalism and interprofessionalism in Europe.