chapter  2
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A shifting focus from patients to employees

Withdrawal of religious communities and the emergence of political activity in Protestant hospitals in Berlin between 1960 and 1990
ByClemens Tangerding

This chapter begins by introducing the sources used for research and by setting the methodological framework. It covers the situation up until the 1970s is illustrated. It addresses the withdrawal process as it took place in the four specific hospitals to which this contribution refers. The chapter examines the appearance of politically active employees among caregivers and doctors. The main source used for the chapter are board meeting minutes from the Association for the Foundation of Protestant Hospitals. Besides using the minutes as a main resource, the chapter also draws on publications by the Association for the Foundation of Protestant Hospitals. Those were published mainly in order to attract new supporters and raise money. It concludes and sums up these observations and draws some conclusions on how the withdrawal of the sisterhoods affected the general public's perception of hospitals.