chapter  6
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Professionalism of the health workforce in Ukraine

ByTetiana Stepurko, Alona Goroshko, Paolo Carlo Belli

Professionalism as an important characteristic of healthcare providers is often expected and valued by consumers. Lack of professionalism, for example, is recognised as the fourth most problematic area of the Romanian healthcare system, while corruption, lack of interest of medical staff and lack of modern medical equipment are the top three on the list. These challenges of the system of healthcare service provision are relevant for most countries in the Eastern European region, however, their degree differs. This chapter studIes the topic of professionalism of the Ukrainian health workforce and aspects of the environment that ensure the enhancement of professionalism, using an ethnographic approach and qualitative data collected through the Governance in healthcare in Ukraine' research project. A mixture of open- and closed-ended questions were presented in the questionnaire, since both stories about personal work experience and quantitative estimations of the spread of practices were important.