chapter  8
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Ethical problems concerning the international brain drain of healthcare professionals

ByDorina Maria Stănescu

The international brain drain problem first appeared in the 1940s when many Europeans emigrated to the USA and UK. By the end of 1979, the WHO reported that almost 90 per cent of migrating HPs went to Canada, Australia, the UK, the USA and Germany. Nowadays, the phenomenon of the brain drain is still present, even though countries are trying to find solutions for it. The recent WHO assembly in 2013 tried to find ways to undermine the detrimental effects of the brain drain of HPs. They proposed that states adopt universal health coverage for all people, regardless of their status, so that poverty does not stand in the way of achieving health. The need for medical professionals encourages countries to attract and employ people from all over the world. Rich countries have more resources for undertaking these types of actions, and poor and developing countries are often the sources of emigration.