chapter  9
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Recalcitrant Allies: The Conflicting Foreign Policy Agenda of the Alleanza Nazionale and the Lega Nord

ByMarco Tarchi

This chapter analyses the foreign and security agenda of a specific subset of political parties who advocate neo-populist policies, a subset that has remained highly controversial over the course of the last two decades, namely extreme-right parties (ERPs). It focuses on these parties' strategies and policies in the European Parliament with the ultimate aim of assessing their ability to build cross-party coalitions within the extreme right. The diversity of opinions in the ERP on issues such as the Iraq war not only shows the problems that the parties face to cooperate with each other. The failure to take advantage of this particularly salient issue also explains the somewhat limited success of these parties in the European elections in June 2004. The chapter analyses ERP positions on foreign and security policy provides an opportunity to assess the parties' positions on a wide variety of issues, including national self-determination, relations to authoritarian regimes, a preference for military solutions, and the resonance of anti-Arab, anti-Semitic.