chapter  1
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Europe for the Europeans: the Foreign and Security Policy of the Populist Radical Right

ByChristina Schori Liang

This chapter presents the French context as the basis for its study of Front National (FN) foreign and defence policy. It considers the post-war historical context in which the FN operates, looking specifically at the influence of the Gaullist troisieme voie and the presidential domain established during de Gaulle's incumbency. Post-colonial trends in Europe have pushed France and others into closer relations with the United States, to the detriment of relations with former allies, and despite this constituting the geopolitical norm; it needs to be altered, even if this means removing France from the mainstream. As a party whose raison detre is almost to oppose the stances of the mainstream political parties, as a reflection of France opposing the geopolitical norm, the FN must above all ensure a flexibility to its policy, from a domestic perspective at least, in order to be able to maintain its anti-system status on the right flank of the French political spectrum.