chapter  3
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The Aims and Objections of the Austrian Far Right in the Fields of Foreign and Military Politics

ByFabian Virchow

The radical right in Hungary, offensively honest in its communication to the electorate, provides a sort of negative reflection of the political elite as a whole, for instead of offering concrete foreign policy ideas, it relies on a populist meta-narrative of the nature of the world from which a potential foreign policy can only be derived through guesswork. In Hungary, one of the remaining legacies of communism may find expression in the elites style of political communication, or rather their lack of communication of policy content, perhaps reflecting their feelings for the electorate, or rather their understanding of populism and democracy. The Hungarian Truth and Life Party, Member of the European Parliament (MIEP), has been in parliament twice. MIEP first joined parliament without being formally elected, for it was formed in 1993 as a break-away group of members of parliament after MIEP's leader, Istvan Csurka, was expelled from the then governing Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF).