chapter  7
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Effective use of information and communication technologies in informal learning spaces

ByMark Frydenberg

The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) by the 'net generation' has changed the way they study and learn, and the spaces in which they gather must adapt to meet their needs. ICT include communication devices or applications, such as smart phones and tablets, computing and networking devices, apps, and services. This chapter explores some of the tools, devices, and apps that help learners work effectively as individuals and in groups in informal learning spaces, and explores issues surrounding their use. Informal learning spaces require an infrastructure that can support multiple devices and platforms, provide reliable and robust wireless connectivity, and offer ample plugs and ports for power and data. Categorising popular genres of ICT in this way suggests a framework with which to examine the use of these ICT in informal learning spaces, as shown in. Discussing documents via dedicated asynchronous communication forums such as Loomio, rather than email, facilitates group process and decision-making.