chapter  14
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Transnational Localities: Federalism and the Gendered Politics of Citizenship in Central Mexico

ByJanna Ferguson

This chapter explores the devolution of power in Mexico prompted by the federal states desire to attract and maintain relationships to departed migrants and their funds as a case study to examine one outcome of shifting transnational, federal, and State relationships for Mexican women. It discusses the federalism in Mexico. The chapter provides how transnationalism and remittances have been understood in the mainstream literature. It also discusses the devolution to Guanajuato of the responsibility for providing programmes to target migrants and remittance recipients over the last few decades. The chapter focuses on the gendered effects of this expanded capacity of the Guanajuatense government. It concentrates on one programme in particular the Mi Comunidad programme for channelling migrant remittances into investment into factories and job training to examine what the gendered outcomes of this devolution of power have been. Women's disproportionate location within the nested political boundaries of federal Mexico has reinforced their position on outside of political decision-making in Guanajuato.