chapter  13
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The Context and Practice of Post-critical Museology

ByVictoria Victoria Walsh

This chapter discusses the relationship between the museum and the academy in the UK has never been institutionally closer, or more fully encouraged and supported through public policy and funding, there remains a fundamental problem in Humanities research in terms of the type of knowledge produced in and about the museum which is rooted in the historic separation between the spheres of knowledge and practice, between theory and practice. It argues that the quality and scope of the project's research findings were only enabled through the newly proposed model of 'Post-critical Museology' which calls for a shift in the epistemological bias of museum studies and a re-identification of the value of practice in relation to the production of theory in the academy in order to overcome the traditional theory/practice divide of the museum and academy. The criticality that emerged, then, emerged as much from museum practice as it did from theoretical argument.