chapter  1
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Feminist Antimilitarism: Scope, Problematic and Difficulties in a Potential Global Social Movement

This chapter addresses reflexively, the moral and ethical dilemmas posed for the researcher of conducting fieldwork in conflict settings. It focuses on the impact communal violence and displacement on Muslim identities within the city. Fieldwork was conducted in two such resettlement colonies built by community organisations for housing Muslim survivors. One felt a deep sense of responsibility to the survivors and the stories they told, but also a larger responsibility of being the medium that told the stories to the larger world in a way that did not compromise on their integrity, spirit of resilience and agency. The moral dilemmas of conducting research during and after conflict remain possibly unresolvable and will always be driven by the context and the circumstances a researcher finds them in. Negotiating the various fields, social, emotional and intellectual can only be achieved if the researcher is armed with intuition to guide ones way of knowing.