chapter  3
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Sociological Perspectives on Defining and Accounting for Violence: Towards Gendering the Conflict in Northern Ireland

This chapter focuses on attempting to apprehend the lives of those who are sitting precariously on this earth, hanging on to the top crust of the earth by the tips of their fingers, the backdrop to this are events and decisions made within metropolitan Western societies. Hunger makes children, women and men highly vulnerable: to illnesses, and to the vagaries of crises. There is a tenuous global awareness now that the basic demands of the Food Sovereignty movement are both just and necessary. The heart of the food sovereignty movement is a call for the right of peoples to define and maintain their own food and agriculture systems. There is a growing awareness of the interconnectedness of the issues of environmental and life sustainability for all on this earth: an awareness and an experience that goes well beyond the obfuscating language surrounding policies and politics surrounding globalisation, credit crunch, recession, climate change, etc.