chapter  2
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European Integration and the Future of the Nation State

An East Asian community may thus be recognized, supported, and developed by people of East Asia. Kant's cosmopolitan right involves the right to visit on the land of another, and it would make little sense to speak of an East Asian community if this right were not endorsed. Kant offers his cosmopolitanism in the context of emerging globalization and nationalism. He says that it is a wise policy for China and Japan to put restrictions on Europeans when they try to enter these two countries. Cosmopolitan right may have to depend for its effectiveness at least partly on state sovereignty. In nationalism the contingency, arbitrariness, and fatality of an individual life tend to be turned into necessity and continuity in and of the nation to which this individual belongs. Rorty criticizes Kant's view that a historical morality and 'moral obligation' common to all human beings make human beings 'distinctively and transculturally human' and different from the other animals.