chapter  7
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Cosmic If-statements

ByDaniel W. Darg

This paper discusses and proposes controversial ideas that will fall outside the comfort zone of some readers. Nevertheless, the arguments are logically sound and derive from much interaction with the works of John Polkinghorne and are consistent (as I shall argue) with his scientific and theological position. With that said, and since this paper is written in recognition of Polkinghorne’s contributions to the field, it will be expedient to begin by appealing to his sense of openmindedness:

It is important to lay out the central conceptual scheme right from the start as it aims to establish clarity in the complex topic of God’s relation to the world. From there, I can begin to interact with the works of Polkinghorne more directly, making points of contact between his ideas and the scheme at hand, before developing the final practical challenge that Polkinghorne and others can present to progressive creationists such as proponents of Intelligent Design.