chapter  12
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The Presence of Absence
ByCorey Beals

The former allows embracing the light of Christ that is in everyone, while it allows acknowledging the reality of evil as people experience it. The greatest objection raised to the privation view of evil is the concern that viewing evil as an absence of good denies the reality of evil. George Fox's view that walking in darkness is the hatred of the light is compatible with scripture that says the 'love of money is a root of all kinds of evil'. The Hutu viewed the Tutsi as evil and as a threat to their own existence. If no human is purely evil and every person has some trace of the light of Christ, then to kill another human would be to kill one of God's created children. Furthermore, substance view of evil can be affirmed without excusing or minimizing the horrific nature of those actions, there is a difference between loving the light and hating the light.