chapter  9
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The Publishers of Truth and the Enemy of Truth

Evangelical Friends Consider Good and Evil
ByJohan Maurer

Modern evangelicals continue to advocate an absolute understanding of Truth as rooted in God. Evangelicals also acknowledge: Jesus as the Christ, the Messiah of God, offering reconciliation between God and humans; the importance of 'publishing Truth'; and the authority of the Bible. Friends who identify with these features are most obviously found in Evangelical Friends International, an association of yearly meetings and mission programs in the USA, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Most of the international constituency of Friends United Meeting is also evangelical according to these criteria. There are scattered evangelical Friends meetings and individuals in almost every other yearly meeting in the world, particularly among the Conservative Friends in the USA, and some of the meetings in Ireland Yearly Meeting. Walter Williams's history of Friends, The Rich Heritage of Quakerism, reflects an evangelical interpretation of Quaker history.